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Here are some of the services we offer, if there isn't anything listed that you'd like done, contact us at

Please bare with us, the website is currently under construction! Contact us if you need any additional work done that isn't listed!!
Computer Services
Service call: $50

Hourly rate: $50/hr (for diagnostics, etc)

(Desktop Computers)

Replacing RAM: $25

Replacing system memory board: $100

Replacing CD-ROM/DVD: $50

Replacing Hard Drive: $50 (does not include operating system)After replacing hard drive, if you need an operating system re-installed for you:

Additional $50 (including installing Windows Updates) you also need to have the replacement CD/DVD to re-install. Let me know if you don't have a operating system CD/DVD and we'll discuss your options.

Replacing CPU (Central Processing Unit): $100

Replacing video card: $75

(Laptop computers)

Replacing CD-DVD: $75

Replacing RAM: $50 (does not include ram)

Replacing battery: $50

Replacing hard drive: $100 (does not include operating system)After replacing hard drive, if you need an operating system re-installed, it would be an additional $50 (including Windows Updates) - you need the CD/DVD that came with the laptop for re-installation. If you do not have the CD/DVD that came with the laptop, contact me and we'll discuss your options.If you have other equipment that you'd like installed, contact me at and let me know what you have that you'd like installed and I'll give you a quote.

Some equipment might need to be inspected to see if the new equipment will work with the computer and might be subject to a service call.Any other questions on other work, contact me via email or call/text me at 405-204-5687.
If you need additional CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable ran.
If you need additional CAT5/CAT5e or CAT6 ran, depending on which cable you'd want and how long the cable would need to be, contact us and I can come out and take a look at where you'd like the cable ran and which kind. I can crimp either end of the cable so that wouldn't be an issue.

Just contact:
Virus/Spyware Removal
Virus/Spyware Removal: $75-100 (depending on how bad it has eaten into the hard drive.)

This will include an installation of a virus/spyware software to continue protecting your computer in the future.If there is a service not listed that you'd want done, email, text or call me.

Greg Hanna - Owner/Computer Technician - (405) 281-9199 or (405) 204-5687 (text/call)
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