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I have always been interested in working with computers since I was a kid, I absolutely love diagnosing comptuers and fixing any problems. Whether it's adding more RAM or a new Hard Drive, or fixing a virus, or just installing a new operating system if your computer is running slow. After installing programs over the years and deleting them, they still leave files behind and eventually over time it starts to slow your computer down. You'd be surprised after a few years after re-installing Windows that it will almost run like it was brand new.

I offer tons of services for any Windows brands, whether it's Windows XP/2000/Vista or 7, or any other UNIX brands, like the most popular brand of Linux which is Ubuntu, but I'm familiar with any kind of Linux flavor, or FreeBSD or OpenBSD. Just get in contact with us and what operating system you might be running and we'll discuss what you might need done.

I am also familiar with network security, depending on what type of network you run. I've been a System/Network Administrator for several different servers over the years, and I currently run an Ubuntu Linux server for my DNS and Apache, so I'm familiar with bind, apache, dhcp, along with other programs in UNIX.

I'm certified as an Enterprise Support Technician in Network Technology.

Just email me at for additional information or any questions you may have!
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